Gain valuable knowledge and discover new approaches to many aspects of the wire harness industry from subject matter experts through best practice roundtables and our technical education workshop!

Technical Education Workshop

WHO Training

Presented by Carlos Plaza | Director of Education Development, IPC


Tuesday | Febuary 14 | 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

WHO Overview

Companies that invest in professional development significantly reduce time‐to‐full productivity, rework, lead times and employee turnover. But not all training programs are created equal. IPC has leveraged the experience of industry experts and learning specialists to create the most effective wire harness training programs in the world of electronics. Join us to learn how you can begin reaping the benefits of IPC’s new suite of courses and materials for wire harness operators.

Best Practice Roundtables

Best Practices Roundtables are designed to facilitate discussions in an informal setting on industry hot topics and for participants to offer differing points of view, share expert advice and relevant industry trends on these topics. 

Wednesday, February 15 | 3:30 pm-5:00 pm


  • From Detroit to Denmark: Why A New Generation of Wire Harness Producers Are Coming to Mexico | John Paul McDaris, Entrada Group
    Mexico is no longer just about cost reduction. Join this session to find out why Entrada Group’s two newest wire harness-producing clients – one from Detroit and one from Denmark – opted for a Mexico production footprint, representing a new generation of wire harness assembly companies.
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding of High Voltage Busbars, Terminal and Cables | Gustavo Garcia, Telsonic Solutions LLC
  • Making ERP Less Evil: An ERP Best Practices Round Table | Jordan Jolly, Cetec ERP
  • Workforce Training: Pain Points and Solutions | Carlos Plaza, WHMA/IPC
  • Wiring Harness Design Validation (DRC-Design Rule Checking) | Arik Vrobel, Cableteque

Thursday, February 16 | 2:30 pm-4:00 pm


  • R&D Tax Credit and the Employee Retention Credit | Missy Waites, alliantgroup
  • The NEW IPC/WHMA-A-620E | Teresa Rowe, WHMA/IPC
  • Hiring and Retention | Scott Morris, Marsh Electronics
  • Mega Trend Products for Wire | Brian Ressler, TE Connectivity
  • Reshoring Revolution: A Special CEO Report | Parker Garrett, EMSCO